Free Online Spanish Class

Free first class and materials: Only at Spanish Uruguay School!

Perhaps you studied Spanish in secondary school and are searching for a way to get back into it. Maybe you just got back from a trip to Spain or Latin America and are aching to keep practicing your Spanish and keep learning about Spanish and Latin American culture and language? Or maybe you’re planning an upcoming trip to a Spanish-speaking country, or you just want to add an extra (and very useful) language skill to your CV. There are lots of reasons to take an online Spanish course, especially if you’re low on time but still have the desire to practice or learn to speak Spanish. The great thing about Spanish Uruguay’s online Spanish program is that we’ll let you take a private, hour-long Skype class and give you access to free materials while you consider if this is the right course for you!

Relax! Try a free class!

Relax! Try a free class!

So maybe you’re interested in signing up for this course online but not sure that it’s what you’re looking for? We are dedicated to providing high quality and personalized courses, both in our classrooms in Uruguay and in our online programs. We are confident that this course will be beneficial to you. Still, why not take a look first and make sure we’re not exaggerating? Here at Spanish Uruguay, we’ve decided to offer your first private class with a highly professional and specialized teacher at no cost at all! Even after you officially enroll, class materials will be provided to you for free. Don’t miss this great and affordable chance to learn to speak Spanish! There’s no pressure to officially enroll – so go ahead and try out a class, see if this is a learning option that could work for you and your Spanish. Contact us today!

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