Expectations from our course

What can you expect from us?

Flexible Hours

We are dedicated to creating personalized classes and schedules that work for you and your needs. Perhaps you’ve been dying to start practicing your Spanish again, or even learn from scratch but are worried you won’t have time because of a demanding schedule. Perhaps, between work and other activities, you’re only really available very early in the morning or late in the evening. The great thing about our individual, personalized, and flexible Skype classes is that we will work with you and your schedule! No matter what time of day it might be that works best for you, we guarantee a highly specialized, University-educated Spanish Uruguay teacher will be available to converse with you, correct you, and keep you studying! Don’t let a busy work or school schedule keep you from pursuing important language skills that can open up new travel, business, or career opportunities. Contact us today and we’ll find a way to schedule the perfect class time for you.

Convenient, online courses

Academic Support

If you have any doubts or questions, you can always email your teacher or email us at Spanish Uruguay. At our office, we can answer any questions about changing your class schedule or about pricing. Your teacher will also be available via email to answer any grammatical or language questions you might have – either about the assignments or just in general. It might seem that Skype and internet in general are impersonal ways to communicate with a teacher, but here at Spanish Uruguay, we’ve perfected the art of being available, personable, and friendly on email and Skype. You’ll be in close touch with our office and our teachers, and we’ll offer you any extra materials or any extra academic support you may need.

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