Cultural Tour in Uruguay

Uruguay celebrates 200 years of history and invites everybody to visit the country and learn about Uruguayan culture.

 Multiple happenings are going to take place in different cities of the country. Giant pictures of representative and historical characters, places, national holidays, and symbols of Uruguayan identity are going to be set up among different buildings all over the country.   

 The purpose of this initiative is to give prominence to those illustrative images of Uruguayan traditions inside and outside the country.

 In 2013, it will be possible to access this exhibition trough a micro website where each citizen will have the opportunity to choose the symbols that define national identity and also they will be able to put forward new images so they can be voted by other participants. Each of these prints will be accompanied by specific information on its origin and history, a photograph, a video and also an external link to additional sources of information.

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 Do not miss the incredible possibilities offered by our country! Learn the language while expanding your background in Latin America culture.

 Visit our schools in Montevideo and Punta del Este and find out more information about our courses and cultural activities.

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